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Stainless Steel Crop Needles and Feeding Tubes.


Manufactured from silver and stainless steel, Vetafarm Crop Needles are designed to provide quick, accurate administration of food and medications directly to the crop of the bird.

A range of standard sizes is available to suit any bird and the stainless steel construction ensures good hygiene and prolonged needle life.

8ga, 10ga, 8ga Custom Length 6"

Custom sizes and lengths available on request.

Vetafarm also have available a 10 minute instructional video (PAL-VHS only) in which qualified, experienced avian veterinarians demonstrate proper crop needling technique including how to hold the bird, correct methods on inserting the needle and advice on selecting the most suitable sized needle for your bird. This tool contains useful information for the novice and expert alike and is available only directly from Vetafarm for $AUS30.00 + p&h.