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500 g
Harmless water-soluble powder to give all kinds of coloured birds a red colouring.

Intensief Red contains natural vegetable colorants, a carotene pigment, which promotes the red colour in feathers. This colorant is a provitamin A, which is turned into vitamin A in the body.

The pigment has been coated to ensure longer-lasting action. It is suitable for all kinds of coloured birds, such as coloured canaries, linnets, gold finches, cardinals, flamingos and others. Intensief Red ensures that the feathers grow back in full color after moulting. It is harmless and colours the tail and feather quills. Also contains vitamin B2 and C.   

Intensief Red can be mixed with Bogena Fortified Food, Excellent Eggfood or Universal Food. The coating can also be dissolved in hot water (approx. 45 degrees C). Mix fresh every day. Do not mix into seed. Do not overdose.